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  • Facebook Instream Ads Learning Course


    Getting Started (Module 01)

    1. Introduction to earning money from in-stream ads in your videos
    2. How to Use Creator Studio (Deeply Explained):
    a. How create a page
    b. Learning all menu in Creator studio
    c. Understanding Creator studio Stats
    3. Types of contents you can use
    a. Asian Content
    b. Movies Content
    c. Chinese Content
    d. Premium Content
    4. How to find best content according to your niche
    5. How to edit your content


    600K Watch time Method (Module 02)

    1. How to Monetize Your Facebook Page with In-stream Ads
    2. Monetization criteria
    3. How to manage page from Pakistan
    4. How to complete watch time with Darama
    a. Which darama use for watch time
    b. How block cities
    c. How live your Darama
    d. OBS complete Detail
    e. Go stream Complete Detail
    f. How get Zee5 Subscription
    g. Groups for darama Sharing
    5. How Complete Watch Time (Reels Method)
    a. What content use for watch time
    b. Zero sharing method
    c. How upload reels
    d. How SEO reels
    e. Best formula to complete watch time (trick)

    Sharing Setup and sharing method (Module 03)

    1. How to find Groups for Million Views
    2. Group sharing method (Manual/Auto)
    3. How to manage multiple Facebook Ids for group sharing
    4. How find Premium groups
    5. Recommendation sharing method
    6. How find bulk groups niches wise
    7. How find groups from a post
    8. How find Viral content
    9. How find groups from group post.
    10. How viral your YouTube channel


    How Apply for Monetization and Payout Setting (Module 04)

    1. How create USA bank Account
    2. How register LLC
    3. How Apply for a page
    4. How to secure Payouts to avoid holds
    5. How to change Bank without getting pause issue
    6. How to chat with the payout support team
    7. How we earn 100k$ in a month from in-stream ads

    Bonus Module (Module 05)

    1. Introduction to Facebook Bonus Program
    2. What are Reels on Facebook?
    3. Eligibity Criteria for Reels Bonus
    4. How to get Reels Bonus living in Pakistan
    5. What type of content you can use for Reels
    6. How to share Reels in secure way
    7. How to earn form reels in one month
    8. How to receive Reels Payment in Pakistan


    1. How create RDP
    2. Drama Groups
    3. Sharing Extension
    4. Filmora Full version
    5. Other extensions
    6. Groups list all Categories Auto Approval
    7. WhatSapp Support Group