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With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the world's largest social media platform. However, many businesses are still not leveraging their Facebook page to its fullest potential. Our solution is to provide all monitization and recomendation services to manage your facebook page without having to deal with the technical aspects of it. A huge potential is waiting for you.

Content Research

Content research is one of the most important tasks To make your content Viral. We help you find the best content

Marketing Strategy

With our dedicated team of marketing expert we plan out best marketing strategy for your content

Audience Selection

Our team decided help you finding the right  audience for your content.Right audience is the game changer

Sharing Setup

We have a network of almost 800M audience. We make sure right content is shared with right audienec. 


Best content, best strategy with best audience is the perfect move to take your content into recomendation

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We Are Here For Your Content Recomendation

We help you to get your content recomended by social media platforms.

We are a team of digital marketing experts , which help you to generate content that will help your brand grow. We have the ability to work on any problem, any niche and in any industry. We can be used for different purposes in digital marketing especially on Facebook and Youtube recomendation

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Our Working Process

Our working process is simple yet very hard and technical. Our main goal is content recomendation. We do not satisfy for less. We research and find the best content idea, or content that is already available. We make strategy for recomendation, we work hard days and nights in tough working hours to get your content recomended. And finally day come when passive income knock the door, tak tak tak








Passive Income

The Next Generation Of Viral Marketing

With the rise of social media, marketing has become a more interactive and dynamic process. Today, viewers can easily share their views with brands and retailers through social media platforms and they can also get the latest information about products on the go. We deeply understand how viral your content and help you generate passive income.

Getting The Maximum Out Of Your Content

We help you to extract the last penny from your content. People make high quality content but if they are not marketing it in proper way than all results in  demotivation and even failure. Here we care every piece of your content so it is delivered to the best audience and help you get best CPM and RPM. 


Customers Feedback

Our content partner and clients are our assets and their words make and keep us motivated through out the whole process.


Dedicated Team

Our dedicated and hard working team makes it all possible behind the scene.

Rizwan Haider

CEO & Content Manager

Ahmed Saeed

Social Media Marketing Expert

Abid Ali Sargana


Majid Saleem

Social Media Hacker & Accounts Replacement

Arfeen Haider

Content Editor and SEO

Usama Ali

Editor and Content Research

Billy Vogel

Ul / Ux Designer

Fiona Endley

Ul / Ux Designer

Our Progress in a Glance


No Hidden Charges!

Our Price plans are designed to best fit all type of content and work. We prefer to become your partner and handle your all social activity so you focus on content quality only. Although brieve price plans are as follows.

Sharing Plan

  • Niche based Sharing
  • 2 Post Sharing Daily
  • 10M+ Audience
  • Sharing at best time slot
  • Recomendation based Sharing
$199 Per month

Copyright Content

  • Best Content Selection
  • 1 Monitized FB Page
  • Content SEO
  • Fool Proof Editing
  • 20M+ Sharing Daily
  • 4 Video Uploads Daily
  • Best time slot selection
  • Guaranteed Recomendation
$499 Initial Setup + 40% earning share

Original Content Plan

  • 1 Dedicated Staff VA
  • 1 FB Page Monitization
  • Refined Strategy
  • Best SEO strategy
  • Niches based audience
  • 20M+ Audince sharing daily
  • Best time slots
  • Best Support
$399 Initial Setup + 149$/month + 30% earning share

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If you are looking for the best way to contact us, then you can use our contact form. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with your next project.